The Parable of Luminous Actuality

By Leo Babauta

The boy awoke one morning to a startling discovery — that every thing he believed was not the reality. He realized that the way in which he’d been seeing issues was just one means of seeing issues. His view of issues was not absolute however tentative.

What he noticed this morning is that every thing was made up of a luminous cloudlike substance, an power. Together with himself. Together with the air and wind and light-weight. Luminous and filled with marvel.

His physique was made up of this power — there was no distinction between inside himself and out. Even his feelings had been types of it — anger, disappointment, love, concern, grief, frustration, loneliness, all had been made up of this luminous, wondrous, cloudlike power.

The power was all the identical all over the place, nevertheless it was swirlying and cloudlike and altering in type. His physique, for instance, may need appeared like a separate factor from every thing else, nevertheless it was consistently shifting like a cloud, respiration out and emanating elements of itself to the remainder, taking in new elements from the remainder.

This discovery of the luminous power making up all of actuality … it modified his life that day. He felt linked to every thing round him, as a result of it was not separate from him.

He was now not held again by something. He may do issues he was afraid of earlier than, as a result of he noticed that concern was simply the identical power as every thing else, lovely and scrumptious. His outdated behavior of avoidance melted away, as he had no tough emotions to keep away from — all was luminous power.

He was now not a slave to his addictions, as a result of the craving that induced the addictions was merely a type of this wondrous power. He may merely really feel the craving, and adore it as he cherished every thing else.

He now not felt nervous about being enough, as a result of there is no such thing as a concern of inadequacy if you end up part of the luminous power of every thing. He now not needed to fear about getting love, as a result of he was part of the love of every thing.

He was liberated. And so he determined to liberate all different beings by sharing his story of awakening to luminous actuality.

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