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By Leo Babauta

I’m on my first worldwide flight for the reason that pandemic began, and I received fortunate sufficient to have a window seat. Flying to Costa Rica by means of Guatemala to steer a retreat, I’m searching at an enormous expanse of mountains in Mexico … and I’m in absolute awe.

What a miracle that is, to be flying so magically by way of the air, over such majestic stretches of this Earth!

I observed that once I was touring lots earlier than, I received fairly jaded about flights. Ho hum, one other flight, let’s get this over with, no huge deal, I’m an skilled traveler, not some wide-eyed little one. How did I get this jaded to the wonders of life? How do any of us get so jaded?

Life is miraculous. Life is stuffed with wonders. Life is majestic and magical.

And I don’t simply imply the magic of flight — which our ancestors would have thought was sorcery, by the best way. I imply the magic of toasters and heating and houseplants. I imply the miracles of every human being we encounter on the road, the surprise of getting somebody love you, the sacredness of grief and heartbreak, the fun of a berry.

Each second, we’ve got the chance to get up to surprise, to awe, to on a regular basis miracles. It is sufficient to make your coronary heart leap with pleasure, to overwhelm your soul, in case you let it. Daily, we’ve got entry to this, in a lot abundance.

Will you let it in?

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